Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1997 cavalier heater core?

Seriously how hard will it be to change the heater core in my '97 chevy cavalier? How long will it take. I was told it will be over an 8 hr job and was given an estimate of $625.1997 cavalier heater core?
goto and look up the free repair guide for your car. It will tell you how its done.

but my q is: whay do you want to change the heater core??? is it leaking??

If its just a Q of not getting heat-- be advised that the car has a water inlet control valve for the heater core that is located on the water hose going INTO the heater core and it just might be the problem.

A hell of a lot cheaper than replacing a heater core. If the core is not leaking water all over the place that just might be the problem.