Saturday, November 20, 2010

Change a heater core in pontiac grand am?

HELP we need to know how to take the heater core out of the's a 97 pontiac grand am...Change a heater core in pontiac grand am?
Open the hood, find the heater hoses. Where they go through the firewall, that will be the heater core. If there are hose clamps there, take them loose and pull the hoses.

Now look at the same place the hoses were inside the car. That's the heater box, the core is inside that. Take out the box,(don't forget there are also wires connected that control the fan, unplug them), remove the core, put the new on in, replace the box, connect the hoses, add coolant as needed.Change a heater core in pontiac grand am?
best to get a repair manual dash might have to come outChange a heater core in pontiac grand am?
First drain coolant from the cooling system, next, remove the heater coolant hoses, and then remove all the heater box mounting bolts (some are inside and some are in the engine compartment.) Remove the heater box (housing). You may have to loosen the dash to remove the heater box. Then disassemble the box to install the new heater core.Change a heater core in pontiac grand am?
These are a major pain in the *** to replace so prepare yourself for a big bill or a long time to do this. You have to drain the coolant system some and remove the hoses to the core under the hood. Then start removing all sorts of panels and dash parts to get at the core. On some of these cars we had to remove the entire dash to get access at the HVAC duct work. I would get an exploded view of the dash and the directions to do this from the dealer. Good luck.
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